to the Great Lakes Radio new media family. We specialize in solid mass media marketing as well as obtaining numerous impressions with new media

Is Your Site an Island

Our banners allow you to join a community with thousands and thousands of people. Why be out there in the middle of nowhere?

Low Risk

Compared to print, itís a fraction of the price with vastly greater impact. Be static or be dynamic for a lot less. If you donít embrace this new media, in a few years, youíll have nothing to do. Itís low risk that builds and builds because every new post, every new impression builds.

Discovered More Often

So many folks just do that brochure site that never changes and itís like living on an island. People live in communities and connect. Thatís what we offer. Weíre already connected, why donít you take advantage of our connections? Our banners make impressions.

Share Your Story

Our banners will help make more impressions for you. We can even write stories and advertorials. Imagine your story written by professional writers that understand how to connect you to your next customer.

1 Million Eyes

We passed that mark many years ago, let us share your story with all these eyes. One Million Eyes, many more impressions.

Local Leads

Our viewers can become your leads. Our internet traffic reports show that our viewers come from Grand Traverse County, continue across the UP and down into Milwaukee, WI.

Multi Media - Multi Platform

Great Lakes Radio is the most award-winning mass media and new media outlet in the U.P.

On Air

The one company that still has live personalities and an opportunity to be on the air today.


Our on-air staff, professional writers and designers are standing by make it sizzle.


Our thousands of loyal subscribers rarely unsubscribe because they see the value in our newsletter.


News, weather, street, sports, and events - weíre involved in it all.

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