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Quarterly Giveaways

Great Lakes Radio and our sponsors go all out and put on a great giveaway party with some of the best prizes.

From cars to campers and many other valuable prizes, we deliver something everybody wants to get in on!

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New Media

We specialize in solid mass media marketing as well as obtaining numerous impressions with new media

Our banners allow you to join a community with thousands and thousands of people. Let us help grow your business!

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Contact our sales staff today to be a part of a growing campaign to promote business in the Upper Peninsula!

Get the most out of your internet advertising by reaching out to millions of users on-line and over the air on our five stations!

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  • Jilbert Dairy - The U.P.'s Dairy

  • UP Olive Oils and Vinegars - Olive Oils and Vinegars in the UP

  • Smokehouse Glenn - Your Custom Cut Butcher Shop